Business plan for a pizzeria with calculations

How to open a pizzeria from scratch? This question is asked by everyone who wants to start this business. Pizza is the most popular dish. It is not often that you meet a person who does not love her or at least has not heard of her.

This delicious cake was invented in Italy, why is everyone so fond of it now? In pizzerias, you can relax, arrange a friendly meeting or a date. The pizza itself combines exquisite taste and inexpensive price. That is why the pizzeria is a profitable business. And where to start, we will tell in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pizzeria as a business

Like any business, a pizzeria has its strengths and weaknesses, which must be sorted out before starting this business.


  • low cost of making pizza;
  • benefit up to 60%;
  • the project will pay off in 1 or 2 years;
  • ever-increasing demand for products, which will lead to increased profits;
  • do not need a large number of employees;
  • simple pizza making flow chart


  • high rental price;
  • all permits must be obtained;
  • many competitors in this area;
  • Need management experience in restaurants or cafes

Step by step business plan for opening a pizzeria

Before you start working on a business plan, study the market situation, see who is the leader. Assess their location. Find out if there is a demand for pizzerias among the population in the area. Go to the cafe of possible competitors and see how everything is arranged there, what menu they have. It will not be superfluous to study foreign experience.

Next comes the most important stage. Every detail of the project needs to be carefully considered. To begin with, evaluate your financial capabilities, demand and consumer preferences. And then you can already create your picture of the vision of the business.

First of all, you need a business plan so that you do not miss anything when implementing your idea. It can be useful to banks or partners if you suddenly turn to them for financial assistance.

Here are some of the most important points for your business plan:

  • main idea;
  • the name of the pizzeria;
  • location
  • amount of workers;
  • menu;
  • the target audience;
  • design project;
  • advertising for promotion;
  • list of necessary equipment and furniture;
  • the sum of all costs, including opening;
  • forecast of financial indicators.

As a result, you will get your own business formula. According to it, you will know everything from the estimated revenue to the cost of production. It will help you navigate the numbers and make decisions about location, food suppliers, and hiring workers.

We decide on the format of the institution

The next step is to decide on the format. For a pizzeria, not only the quality of food is important, but also the design and a complete picture of your idea. You need to decide on your own style and develop a design project . You need to come up with such a corporate identity that it stands out from the background of many others, so that people are drawn to your pizzeria.

Maybe you decide to create a cozy family cafe with an exclusive children’s menu, or will it be a sports bar where you can watch hockey and eat the most delicious pizza? Your imagination has no limit.
Just do not lose sight of such a moment as the quality, speed of service, and the taste of pizzas and related dishes. May your visitors keep coming back to you with joy.

There are several formats of pizzerias :

  • Classic cafe-pizzeria.
    This is the most popular option. We need only 20 tables for visitors. The menu will include pizza and other additional dishes. Cooking pizza takes little time and effort. The main thing is a unique recipe, fresh products and cuisine.
  • Pizza bar. 
    Youth format of pizzerias. Includes a menu of pizza varieties,a barand, for example, desserts and french fries. People come here to chat with friends, watch matches and eat delicious food at low prices.
  • Pizza shop (pizzeria-kiosk).
    Relatively new format. This is a small room where there is only a kitchen and a special area for serving pizza. You can get by with 3 tables, for those who want to eat right in the establishment.
    Pizza is prepared immediately after ordering. You need to wait 20 minutes and the pizza will be ready.
  • Pizzeria on wheels.
    Place of work – van. You can place an order for a whole pizza or just slices. The advantage is that the business is not tied to a place. You can go to any point, especially the most crowded.
  • Food court pizzeria. 
    It is better to place in some shopping center. There are always a lot of people there, especially those who want to have a bite to eat between trips to clothing stores . You just need to find a good place to be noticed.
    The main thing is that you can have a tasty and quick snack. But it is worth considering the high competition. Shopping centers usually have many such food outlets.
  • Kono pizza.
    A variant of an institution like a food court pizzeria. The idea belongs to the Italians. The difference is that pizza is served in the shape of a cone. It is similar to the usual fast food, but in a more convenient package.
  • Pizza mat.
    Everything is simple here. The pizza is in a special refrigerator, then the film is removed from it and it goes into the oven. You can buy budget machines and more technologically advanced pizza machines. The consumer can buy pizza anywhere, without having to wait for it to be ready. Moreover, pizza will cost less than in ordinary pizzerias.
  • Pizza delivery service. 
    This format of pizzerias can be found everywhere. In addition to the advertising company, which will have to invest a lot of money, the operation will require a minimum of equipment, personnel and area for making pizza. It is necessary to work out an advertising campaign well. It would be better to create a website or a mobile application, advertise in the media. You will need to purchase vehicles for delivery. Can be combined with other types of pizzerias.

Choose the best option for yourself by analyzing the financial possibilities. Start with a small kiosk, and then you can open a classic pizzeria.


To start a business, you can not do without permits. You can choose any organizational and legal form.

Required documentation:

  • certificate of OGRN, TIN;
  • fire alarm contract
  • permission of the territorial Office of Rospotrebnadzor;
  • contracts for the removal of solid municipal waste, disinfection, cleaning of ventilation;
  • contracts for electricity supply;
  • contract for water supply and sanitation;
  • PPK for a pizzeria;
  • documents on registration of the cash register;
  • employment contracts with employees.

This is the bare minimum of documents you will need. You can contact special agencies to expedite the process. You also need to study environmental documentation in order to avoid fines for its absence.

Choosing a location for a pizzeria

Once you have a concept in place, you can start looking for a location, especially if you are going to open a stationary pizzeria.

The center of the metropolis will not be the best option, there are many competitors and high rents. But if the opening is supposed to be in a small town, then you can safely choose the center.

You can choose a populated area, closer to educational institutions, hospitals, business centers and markets. There will always be customers here. Create special offers.

When choosing a place, focus on cross -country ability . It can be metro stations or bus stops.

If this is a residential area, then it would be more profitable to place a pizzeria where there are high-rise buildings and residential complexes.

Room selection

Do not use basements and storage areas. It is undesirable to open a pizzeria in residential buildings, but if there are no other options, then you will have to try not to disturb the residents.

The premises must comply with all sanitary and fire requirements. Hot and cold water supply and sanitation are required.

Sanitary standards for the premises

Sanitary standards for pizzerias will be similar to those used for bakeries.

Basic sanitary requirements:

  • if a new building is being built, a distance of 50 m from residential buildings must be observed;
  • the area of ​​the premises is not less than 100 m2;
  • exclude basements and storage rooms;
  • availability of water supply, sanitation;
  • availability of space for a kitchen, a storage room, for staff, a bathroom;
  • floor waterproofing;
  • light walls painted with a special water-based paint, or
  • lined with tiles to a height of 1.75 m.
  • ventilation must be provided.

Selection of equipment for a pizzeria

The amount and type of equipment that you will need to work depends on the specifics of your pizzeria and its format. If it’s a pizza delivery business, a good oven will suffice.

If this is an ordinary pizzeria, then one oven is indispensable here. You will need flour sifters, dough dividers, dough rolling machines, vegetable cutters, mixers, an oven, deep fryers, refrigerated tables where pizza will be assembled, a juicer and other equipment. No need to save on it . Good equipment is the key to delicious pizza . It is also necessary to purchase refrigerators for vegetables, fish and meat.

We decide on the menu and choose suppliers

Before you get started, you need to find product suppliers. You need only high-quality and fresh products that will comply with state standards. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of supplier. Find the most reliable supplier for the main menu. Consider all offers.

Another advantage of pizzerias is the economical use of products, since there are almost no write-offs, products are reused.

What categories of suppliers for pizzerias do you need:

  • supply of fresh vegetables;
  • supply of sauces;
  • supply of fresh meat;
  • supply of chicken eggs;
  • supply of tea and coffee
  • supply of dairy products.

After opening a pizzeria, order food often and in small batches, this will minimize food spoilage and simplify storage.

Carefully draw up contracts, read the terms. The required amount of raw materials will be known from the technological map of pizza production.


The quality of food and service in a pizzeria depends on the staff. The most important employee is pizzailo (the master of making the best pizza). The quality of your pizza depends on his qualifications and experience. Usually, the best pizzerias invite Italian masters as pizza los. But some send their chefs to master classes in Italy.

pizza maker

For the effective operation of the pizzeria, the following employees will be needed:

  • pizza;
  • assistant cook;
  • waiters;
  • cleaner;
  • dishwasher;
  • accountant (can be found through outsourcing agencies);
  • administrator;
  • courier (if it is a delivery service).

With such a state, the pizzeria will work all 7 days a week. When concluding contracts with staff, make sure that they have valid medical books.

Advertising and marketing for a pizzeria

The main target audience of pizzerias is people aged 18 to 35. Thanks to the low prices of pizza, it is available to a wide range of consumers.
When opening, carefully prepare your marketing strategy . It will consist of a corporate identity and an effective advertising campaign. You need to spend more time on the name and logo, they should be bright and memorable.

There are various marketing options you can use to market your establishment. You can hire a promoter to distribute leaflets and flyers, advertise in print, radio, or TV. Install billboards, shoot videos, and most importantly, come up with unusual promotions to attract visitors.Promotions

A good move is promotion in social networks , so now this method is the most popular. Here you can let ideas run wild and come up with contests for “reposts”, for “reviews”, hire a story maker, launch targeted advertising. Post professional photos of the menu so that you immediately want to try them.

You can hire an SMM specialist, copywriter, content manager, let your account work for profit.

If you decide to hold promotions that involve discounts, then it is better to hold them on weekdays, think about a creative slogan.

Any advertising move should be aimed at attracting customers. Therefore, take care of the quality of food and drinks.

How much does it cost to open a pizzeria

With the number of visitors 75%, the presence of 30-40 tables and a good location, a pizzeria can pay off in 2 years. It all depends on the format. If we consider the delivery format, then the costs will amount to 1,000,000 rubles. For a bar, you need to invest more – 1,400,000 rubles. The most expensive format is a classic restaurant, with minimal expenses for furniture and equipment, you will need to invest 2,500,000 rubles.

Take into account the rent and staff salaries, it takes more than a third of the costs, the rest goes to the maintenance of the premises.

Business profit can reach 70% if you find product suppliers on favorable terms, calculate all the risks and ensure a full fit in the hall. The average figures are 30-45% . It is best to contact specialists at the initial stage.

How much can you earn selling pizza

Revenue will change on weekdays and holidays, on regular weekends. In winter there will be more customers. If we take into account 50 pizzas per day, with an average price of 300-350 rubles, the monthly profit will be 450,000 – 525,000 rubles. The average cost of pizza is from 90 to 130 rubles. Add a 300% markup to it.
With proper revenue planning, focus on key dishes that will bring the highest profit (80%).

Possible business problems and risks

Risks are possible in any kind of entrepreneurial activity. They can be avoided if the probability of their occurrence is correctly predicted and the necessary measures are taken.

The main risks include an unsuccessful choice of location for a pizzeria, which leads to low revenue. Suppliers may increase the price of products, which will increase your costs and also lead to production interruptions. So choose your suppliers carefully.


Another risk is associated with competitors . Form a client base and constantly monitor the market, develop various promotions. Increasing the cost of rented premises can also affect your costs. Contract with long-term leases and only with responsible landlords. Staff turnover can be avoided even at the stage of employee selection. It is possible to reduce the risk of breakdown of technological equipment by regularly checking its performance. Be sure to control the quality of products so as not to lose your reputation.

In a highly competitive environment, if you want to open your own pizzeria, you need to think through every little detail. Offer quality, delicious food to your customers, and they will recommend you to their friends. Come up with an original name, and your establishment will become recognizable.

Pizza is a universal product that will appeal to both adults and children, so the pizzeria will always be popular!

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