Detailed burger business plan

A burger business plan is to help an aspiring entrepreneur when there is a tight budget and no experience in running a similar business. The corona crisis will play into the hands when the concept is thought out to the smallest detail, the action plan is clear.

Competitors are leaving, premises are being vacated, experienced employees are looking for work. Equipment and furniture with little wear and tear, put up for sale. It’s getting easier to negotiate vacation rentals. A good time to open catering establishments with democratic prices. Visitors willingly choose budget establishments that also offer delivery services.

A budding entrepreneur has a lot of questions to work through. Find a suitable room, get the approval of the controlling services. Develop a burger restaurant format , purchase equipment and furniture, conclude contracts with suppliers. Prepare a menu, train staff, establish production and business processes. It is important to attract visitors. People are more willing to go to proven places . Think over a marketing strategy and a program of events in honor of the opening of a new institution. A business plan will help you not lose sight of key points and avoid unexpected expenses.

Business features

Burgers love! Burgers are presented in the menu of establishments that seem far from meat concepts, for example, in Shokoladnitsa and Yakitoria. The idea of ​​opening a burger joint harmoniously fits into different concepts.

Burger-food truck , location in a shopping center, gastronomic establishment, restaurant, burger bar, snack bar, cafe, for people who practice healthy eating. A burger bar is combined with a wine and beer bar, a hookah bar, karaoke, a farm products store, and its own bakery.

The opening of author’s burgers has become a mainstream for Moscow. Burger, the main item on the menu, drinks and snacks are in addition. The competition is high and it is important at the project development stage to find a unique balance between the availability of the location, the taste of burgers and the cost.

Project Options

Costly and time consuming

An entrepreneur develops a concept , determines the target audience, selects and designs a room for his tasks. After the conclusion of the lease, he prepares projects: technological, electrical, ventilation, water supply and sewerage. Coordinates work.

Fast and less expensive

The entrepreneur selects the optimal premises, which previously housed a similar institution. The format, concept, equipment and personnel are selected for a specific room . At this stage, it will not be superfluous to find out why the previous tenants moved out in order to avoid mistakes at the start.

How to open a burger joint: a step-by-step plan of action

When the format and concept of the burger bar is determined, a further action plan is being worked out.

What you need to open a burger shop, and what questions beginner entrepreneurs have, we will analyze step by step .

What documents are needed to open a burger

  • Register an enterprise, choose an individual entrepreneur or LLC. LLC is suitable for enterprises that sell alcoholic products, open branches, attract business partners.
  • Select the tax regime, USN, UTII, PSN.
  • In Rosreestre draw up a lease agreement. Long term, pre-emptive right to renew, eliminates the risk of increased payments and an early move.
  • Agree signage.
  • Obtain permission to open and operate a burger shop in Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Similar permits are issued by the SES and the fire inspectorate.
  • To sell alcohol, obtain an FSRAR license, install the EGAIS system.
  • Conclude agreements with various service organizations for garbage collection, pest control, etc.
  • Register the cash register with the tax office.
  • Sign contracts with employees, check the availability of a sanitary book.
  • Enterprises involved in the circulation of goods of animal origin use FSIS Mercury.
  • For the “corner of the consumer” prepare a package of documents.
  • Conclude supply and service agreements with suppliers.

How to choose a room

The choice of premises is influenced by the format of the burger.

The atmosphere is important for concept establishments . Visitors are ready to plan their vacation in such an institution in advance. Music, comfort, original burgers, and a person is ready to go. Spend time on the subway, go into the yards, climb the stairs. Such establishments save on rent, and invest in the quality of the product, service, and staff qualifications.

A budget institution needs traffic . Visitors prefer accessibility, speed, price. Renting for such an establishment will be more expensive and it is important for an entrepreneur to find a compromise between the location, quality and price of the product.

At this stage, it is important to determine how many visitors the institution will receive, how many employees will work in the kitchen, where to place utility rooms, bathrooms, and a wardrobe.

When there is no experience in catering, it will be optimal to find a room that does not require major repairs and redevelopment, was used for a similar institution. In this case, the permit documentation is reissued to a new legal entity and no additional approvals are required. The minimum area of ​​the premises is 50-60 sq.m.

Don’t open a burger joint

  • In residential buildings. There are problems with tenants when coordinating the hood.
  • In houses with the status of a cultural monument. It is difficult to agree on redevelopment, decorate the facade, use a sign
  • Close to medical and educational institutions. Denied a license to drink alcohol.

Burger equipment

When the room is prepared, the necessary redevelopments are made, it is clear where the ventilation is located and what electrical power the room has, the equipment is purchased.

At this stage, do not trust the advice of the supplier, it is better to contact a professional technologist . When choosing a supplier, it is important to pay attention to the availability of a guarantee, service and replacement of equipment, and the time of a breakdown.

At the first stage, you can profitably buy used equipment and upgrade funds as profits grow. Equipment affects productivity, product quality, so the issue requires detailed study.

It is optimal to choose equipment for a kitchen format that does not require a full cycle and is a kitchen for preparing semi-finished products. Opening your own bun production is not economically justified if you plan to open only one burger shop. Suppliers bring fresh meat and vegetables, ready-made buns, sauces, dairy products, and drinks to the cooking kitchen.

The following equipment is purchased for processing:

To the workpiece area

  • Electric meat grinder for minced meat preparation.
  • Press for forming burgers.
  • Vegetable cutter.
  • Tool for cutting french fries.

To the food storage area

  • Freezers, refrigeration equipment, and vacuum sealers.

To the washing area

  • Dishwasher for dish disinfection.
  • Sink.

To the prep area

  • Surface for frying cutlets, electric grill.
  • Deep fryer for side dishes and potatoes.
  • Oven.
  • Professional equipment for making juices and coffee.
  • Technological tables, cabinets for dishes.
  • Other equipment and utensils (potato stands, burger trays, containers, knives, etc.)

In addition, furniture, decor items, a cash register are purchased.

You can save on the project by buying used furniture, emphasizing interior details in an original way. Suppliers also provide free utensils, inventory, for advertising purposes.


In a small burger shop, one cook and one cashier-waiter are enough. If 10 people or more work in the hall and in the kitchen, the services of an administrator or manager, a cleaner, an employee for the purchase of products will be required. If the owner does not have the skill of tax reporting, an accountant is needed.

It is better to outsource non-core vacancies . How well the team will work depends on the success of the business. It is important to invest in staff development. It is possible to hire employees without experience, but the organization must have an experienced mentor. The staff is registered in the state. Health certificates are a must.

Advertising and marketing

Advertising in social networks . Company website, discounts, promotions. Outdoor advertising and word of mouth help attract visitors. But in order to keep, it is important to maintain the quality of burgers. Develop an original menu, in which, for starters, 3-4 classic burgers and 2 branded ones. Maintain the interest of regular customers with seasonal offers. Attract visitors with a bright, memorable holiday to the opening of a burger shop.

burger advertisement

Manufacturers of buns offer not only the usual ones with sesame, but also rye, corn, with the addition of cheese, potato flakes and chili peppers. Experimenting with types of meat, fish, offal and vegetables will help you find the perfect menu.

The advantage of the institution is to take food to go and order delivery, it is possible to implement an additional service by a third-party organization.

How much does it cost to open a burger joint

Business start up costs:

  • Rental payments.
  • Cosmetic repairs, if the rented premises were equipped for catering.
  • To equip a burger from scratch. The cost of sewerage, ventilation, plumbing, plumbing, lighting.
  • Equipment for cooking kitchen (burgers, salads, side dishes, snacks).
  • Bar equipment (tea, coffee, juices).
  • Bakery equipment (if you have your own production of buns).
  • Crockery and inventory.
  • License and documentation.
  • Signboard, promotional products, packaging for delivery.
  • Consumables, household needs.
  • Cash desk, EGAIS, registration of a legal entity, opening a current account.
  • Investments in working capital, including wages, purchase of raw materials, semi-finished products, alcoholic beverages.
  • Owner and staff training.

On average, the cost of opening a democratic burger will be 900,000 rubles – 2,500,000 rubles . and depends on many factors, including the region of presence, the cost of rental payments, the need for major repairs, the technological process, the presence of alcoholic products in the menu.

How much can you earn

Revenue at the initial stage 150,000-500,000 rubles. per month . Depends on the average check in the establishment and the cost of the finished burger. An accountant can prepare technological maps and calculate the cost of products at the planning stage (in the absence of experience).

On average, the profitability of a business is at the level of 20% and depends on the technological process, the price list of the supplier, the presence of its own bakery, the use of farm products, and the volume of purchases. The average payback period is 1.5-2 years. There are known examples of the capital and regional market, when a successful concept paid for itself within 6 months.

Possible business problems and risks

  1. Equipment failure , downtime. An agreement with the supplier on service maintenance, provision of equipment for the period of repair will help to optimize the risk. It is better to order products for a short period of time, bring them fresh as needed, and obtain guarantees from suppliers.
  2. Low quality products and semi-finished products. The risk is optimized by the diversification of suppliers, the conclusion of exclusive contracts with proven counterparties.
  3. Increasing the cost of rent payments . The risk is possible to foresee and conclude a long-term lease agreement, reflect in advance the conditions for increasing payments. Verify that the landlord is the owner of the premises. There are no claims or encumbrances to the premises.
  4. Rise in the cost of repair work , lack of approvals by regulatory authorities. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, SES and other authorities involved in the coordination. Connect professional technologists who will calculate the cost of investments at the planning stage. Or rent a room in which a similar business was located.
  5. Poor location , low revenue. The risk is optimized when the format of the institution is thought out, the traffic and the closest competitors are analyzed. Pre-collected information on the premises, so as not to make mistakes of previous tenants.

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