How to open a cleaning company

What is cleaning? The cleaning company cleans office space, apartments and other premises by highly specialized specialists. Cleaning has become widespread in America. Thus, according to the results of statistical studies, more than 75% of the premises are kept clean thanks to professional cleaning.

In our country, this direction is only gaining momentum. About 20% of legal entities resort to professional cleaning services. Homeowners are increasingly turning to professional cleaning services. Unlike legal entities, for individuals, the main determining selection criterion is the affordable cost of services.

Business Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to the cleaning business. Among the main advantages are the following points:

  • Minimum opening costs. Compared to other areas, cleaning has a relatively low entry threshold.
  • Market capacity allows new players to freely enter. Of course, in this niche you will also have competitors. However, the level of competition is still low.
  • Services of cleaning companies are gaining demand and tend to grow. Today, more and more potential customers in various regions of the Russian Federation resort to such services. In every city there are solvent customers who do not have time to clean their apartments on their own.
  • Among cleaning clients, corporate companies occupy a significant share. Subject to quality service and loyal pricing policy, there is a prospect for long-term cooperation.
  • The frequency of applying for a cleaning service is constant. No matter how well the service is performed, after a short period of time, another cleaning of the premises will be required.

Business disadvantages include :

  • The high impact of the human factor on the reputation of the company. The reputation of the company directly depends on the quality of the work of cleaners. If the work is done poorly, the entire advertising budget will simply be wasted.
  • Impossibility of constant control over employees. The format of the business does not allow to hang cameras and control the conscientious performance of duties.

Step by step business plan for starting a cleaning company

The algorithm for forming a cleaning company from scratch consists of the following items:

  1. Market capacity research. At this stage, it is necessary to analyze the existing competitors. The list of services provided and pricing, USP of the company, strengths and weaknesses are subject to a thorough analysis.
  2. Identification of potential consumers. Drawing up a portrait of the target audience and analysis of the potential number of consumers. It is necessary to understand the number of legal entities located in the coverage area of ​​your business. Determining the potential number of consumers. This indicator can be pre-calculated, taking into account the number of houses and the number of apartments in each house, taking into account the conversion rate.
  3. Determining the format of your business, as well as compiling a list of services provided and pricing. Formation of a unique offer that will distinguish you from competitors. For example, you may be distinguished by the high quality of services, employees of Slavic origin, or the possibility of cleaning at night.
  4. Selection of premises, study of the lease agreement for the office.
  5. Registration of a legal entity.
  6. Purchase of specialized equipment, detergents, chemicals and consumables.
  7. Search for employees and their employment.
  8. Determination of the marketing plan and budgeting for advertising costs. Preparation of printed products: booklets, flyers, business and discount cards for regular customers. Launching advertising on Internet sites and social networks.

Decide on the format

The main factor determining the format of your business is working with legal entities. In this case, a more suitable option would be the legal form “Limited Liability Company”. For a company cooperating with individuals, the “individual entrepreneur” format is suitable . It is worth choosing a simplified taxation system with a tax of 6% of income, or 15% of the difference “income” – “expense”.

The registration process will take approximately one month. Cleaning services do not require a license. When registering a legal entity, it is required to fill in OKVED codes. You can use the following codes to register:

  • 39 Post construction cleaning
  • 1 Integrated maintenance activities
  • 2 Cleaning and cleaning activities
  • 01 Washing and dry cleaning of carpets and textiles

Determining the range of services

When creating a cleaning company, you should decide on the range of services provided. The list may include:

  • Surface weekly cleaning. Furniture and flooring are subject to wet cleaning.
  • Spring-cleaning. It is optimal to carry out a global cleaning of the premises with washing windows, balconies and household appliances at least monthly.
  • A separate item is to highlight the cleaning of apartments or offices at the end of the repair. The need for such a service is one-time, but very labor-intensive. It is necessary to clean the room around the entire perimeter from the accumulated construction dust. The entire perimeter of the apartment is subject to thorough cleaning – from floors to walls and windows. It should be borne in mind that in the presence of newfangled moldings on the walls and drywall niches, much more time and effort will be required.
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpets and mattresses. To clean these needs, you will need a suitable dry-cleaning vacuum cleaner. The optimal frequency is once a year.
  • You can also add separately ironing things. Payment is calculated on an hourly basis. The service is provided at the request of the client. It is carried out using the client’s household appliances or using a professional iron or steamer.
  • Additionally, you can create a price list for washing windows, kitchen cabinets. Make a separate list of services that can be supplemented by the main ones and thereby increase the cost of the average bill.

It is worth adding that urgent cleaning is possible subject to a separate fee for urgency.

We draw up a technological map for the provision of services

The technological map should display:

list of services
  • the address of the client where the cleaning is to be performed;
  • date of service;
  • cleaning type;
  • a list of the required equipment and chemicals, indicating the consumption rate;
  • the time interval allotted for the performance of the work;
  • details of cleaning actions to be performed


To register a legal entity, you must apply with the appropriate package of documents to government agencies or contact the bank. Most banks will register you as an individual entrepreneur or open an LLC on their own. When contacting a banking organization to open a current account, this point should be clarified.

The cost of registration fees will be approximately 4,000 rubles.

We advise you to study the RKO rates in various banks and choose the most advantageous offer.

IP can work without printing. However, to work with corporate clients, you will need printing.

Choosing a warehouse space and whether an office is needed

At the initial stage, you can do without an office. To conclude agreements with corporate clients, it is possible to conduct a presentation of the company on their territory . For a warehouse, a budget room is suitable , which has excellent ventilation, a toilet, as well as a couple of rooms.

When looking for a room, pay attention to walking and transport accessibility, organization of parking zones. Your employees will need to hand over inventory and cleaning products.

The manager accepting applications can work in one of the rooms, while a warehouse for storing equipment and inventory will be equipped in the other. The cost of renting a suitable room varies from 20,000 to 25,000 rubles per month. Most tenants require first and last month’s rent. Read the contract carefully, some states that this amount is non-refundable.

Selection of equipment for cleaning

The main expenses of the cleaning business are the purchase of professional cleaning equipment. The final result of cleaning directly depends on the quality of the equipment. The higher the quality of the equipment, the longer it will last, respectively, minimizing the cost of acquiring a new one and for minor repairs.

For professional cleaning, you should purchase: a comfortable mop, a cloth for mopping and dusting, as well as chemicals to remove dried marks and accumulations of dirt. Purchase at the rate of one set per number of employees.

The purchase of equipment refers to the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, polisher, steam cleaner and a specialized hair dryer to fulfill orders with dry cleaning.

Choosing suppliers of chemicals

Cleaning products in our business will be constantly replenished in the range. The main requirement for the supplier of cleaning products is high quality products.

When choosing a supplier, consider:

  • Assortment matrix of the supplier
  • Product packaging, volume
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Supplier company name

Give preference to trusted brands and reliable suppliers.


According to the financial plan, at the initial stage, the staff consists of 7 units and includes:

  • leader,
  • Cleaners – 4 people,
  • manager,
  • Accountant (outsourcing).
cleaning staff

The duties of a manager include taking orders from clients, distributing cleaners on request, maintaining documentation – contracts, invoices and acts of work performed, and also resolves recruitment issues. As the company grows, it is likely that an additional staff position and delegation of responsibilities to the recruiting manager will be required.

At the initial stage, 4 employees are enough , with an increase in the number of orders, it is optimal to have several employees with periodic employment, to connect to work on days with a high load. Establish labor relations with this pool of employees with a work contract.

Entrust bookkeeping to a professional accountant with a part-time job in a remote format. The cost of accounting services depends on the status of a legal entity – LLC or individual entrepreneur, as well as on the chosen taxation system. The range ranges from 2000 to 5000 rubles per month.

Advertising and marketing

Having an idea of ​​​​the portrait of your target audience, you need to develop a marketing plan and determine the cost estimate for advertising. Integrated promotion should cover several channels of interaction with potential consumers. Consideration should be given to sites such as:

  • Internet resources. To start a business, a one-page site with a convenient structure, transparency of information, a price list and a feedback form is suitable.
  • Social networks. This platform should not be neglected. People come to social networks not only for entertainment and recreation, but also for the purchase of goods and services. If there are small bloggers in your locality – 10-50,000 subscribers, consider advertising on their accounts. Such blogs cause more trust among the audience, as well as a low price for advertising.
  • Placement of advertisements in local media – city newspapers, radio stations, as well as street billboards.
  • Printing products: booklets, flyers, loyalty cards for regular customers. Printing should be distributed to potential customers through mailboxes, as well as at presentations with corporate clients.
  • Placement of information about the company on the entrances and elevators of houses. However, it is worth considering that advertising is subject to agreement with housing maintenance offices and is carried out on a reimbursable basis.

In the first month, the advertising budget will reach almost 100,000 rubles. In the following months, stay at the mark of 50,000 rubles. The more they spent on advertising, the more profit they received, provided that the work is done with high quality and there are no thefts and thefts of employees.

How much does it cost to open

  • Investment in equipment

Estimated cost estimate for equipment is as follows. You can adjust the investment when you find a better price. Please note that prices may vary from region to region.

NameQuantity, pcsUnit priceTotal
Specialized vacuum cleanerfourRUB 16,500.00RUB 64,000.00
floor polisherfourRUB 29,000.00RUB 120,000.00
Professional carpet dryerfourRUB 21,000.00RUB 80,000.00
Bucket on wheelsfourRUB 850.00RUB 3,200.00
Household chemicalsoneRUB 55,000.00RUB 50,000.00
Window cleanersfourRUB 7,500.00RUB 28,000.00
Steam cleanerfourRUB 7,000.00RUB 26,000.00
OverallsfourRUB 2,500.00RUB 9,200.00
Additional inventoryoneRUB 30,000.00RUB 28,000.00
Total:RUB 380,400.00
  • Investments in advertising

The table shows the estimated advertising costs for each interaction channel.

Channel nameSum
Creation of a one-page site, launch of contextual advertisingRUB 40,000.00
Creation of accounts in social networks, launch of targeted advertisingRUB 10,000.00
Placement of advertisements in local mediaRUB 20,000.00
Printing of polygraphic productsRUB 10,000.00
Placement of advertisements on the entrancesRUB 20,000.00
Total:RUB 100,000.00

How much can you earn from cleaning

The profit of a professional cleaning company can reach up to 250,000 rubles with monthly expenses of about 50,000-70,000 rubles. The amount of net profit directly depends on the geography of your company, which affects the size of the average bill. Profitability is also affected by the number of orders per day. In cities with a population of over one million there will be a higher price range and higher demand for cleaning services.

On average, the payback of a business is up to 8 months.

Possible business problems and risks

The cleaning business is also influenced by external and internal factors, namely:

  • An increase in the purchase price for consumables and detergents will negatively affect the value of net profit. To avoid this risk, mark up up to 10% of the cost of consumables and chemicals in the margin.
  • The emergence of new players on the market will definitely lead to a redistribution of customers and the loss of part of the profits. It is possible to minimize risks by developing and implementing loyalty programs for regular customers.
  • Lack of competence and politeness of employees, as well as theft, theft and outright rudeness towards customers. Avoid such situations by training personnel and clear regulations for interaction with the client. Don’t be afraid to fire employees who have received complaints. Your reputation will cost you more.
  • Equipment breakdown. Routine inspections of household appliances should be carried out.


Opening a cleaning business is characterized by a minimum entry threshold and low monthly costs for renting a warehouse and purchasing consumables and cleaning products. Professional cleaning services are on the growth stage in the Russian Federation and tend to grow. With a well-formed unique offer, you can get a monthly net profit of up to 250,000 rubles.

Cleaning as a business has certain risks, but their impact on the business can be minimized by proper organization of business processes. Constant work with personnel, bonuses and penalties will help mitigate the impact of the human factor and reduce the level of employee turnover.

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