Production of dumplings as a business

The production of dumplings has a high profitability, it is a profitable business with a quick return on investment. The popularity of these semi-finished products generates year-round demand, and accordingly brings a stable income to the owner of the dumpling shop.

To start this business, you should correctly position yourself in the market and accurately approach the choice of suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

The relevance of the dumpling business

The relevance of dumplings on the market is as follows:

  • the product is popular among all ages;
  • the price is available at any income;
  • even a child can cook easily;
  • they are nutritious and delicious.
  • Today, the dumpling business attracts an increasing number of businessmen who want to have a steady income. The demand for these semi-finished products is high and is not subject to seasonality.
  • The opening of production does not require heavy investments and complex expensive equipment, thereby attracting entrepreneurs. Production starts within two months.
  • This product is in high demand. A business plan with economic indicators and stages of organization will help launch production and retail.

Technology of making dumplings

Production technologies are similar for both a small workshop and large lines. The question of the choice of technology arises when opening a case.
The complete technological cycle includes the following steps:

  • preparations – defrosting raw meat, cleaning and cutting onions, sifting flour, decontaminating eggs, dissolving salt.
  • dough production – is carried out on the basis of a collection of recipes.
    minced meat. The ingredients are twisted in a meat grinder, after which they are mixed for 20 minutes in a special machine with the addition of water and spices. At home, they do it by hand.
  • molding dumplings. Minced meat and dough are placed in a dumpling and semi-finished products are formed.
  • freezing products – no later than 20 minutes after preparation.
  • packing and packaging – after freezing, they are packed by weight and packed. The packaging indicates the production date, expiration date and shift number.

The businessman must decide which packaging will be used. After all, a branded package costs money, and a regular transparent one with a label is often more advantageous, as the product is clearly visible and inspires more confidence.

Dumpling shop: step-by-step business plan

Before you start your business, register your company. Next, rent a room, buy equipment, create recipes and hire workers.

Business registration

The form of organization of IP ( individual entrepreneurship ) is suitable for a small or medium-sized workshop (50-80 m2) with the number of employees from 1 to 3 people. It is more convenient to pay taxes under the simplified taxation system (STS), 6% of income or 15% of income minus expenses.

To register an IP, you need:

  • pay a state duty of 800 rubles;
  • certify an application in the form of No P21001 at the notary’s office;
  • write an application for the transition to UTII or USN;
  • make a copy of the passport;
  • with all documents, contact the tax office at the place of registration.

In the future, when the business becomes larger, you can close the IP and establish an LLC.

  1. The participants in this company are liable for its obligations within the value of the contribution made, i.e. as a result of bankruptcy, they will incur liability in an amount equal to the authorized capital. It cannot be less than 10,000 rubles.
  2. The founders are not liable for the obligations of the company with their personal property.

To register, you must submit to the regional tax office:

  • certified application in form No P11001;
    charter of LLC;
  • opening decision. If there are several founders, then the minutes of the meeting;
  • receipt of payment of the state duty (4000 rubles);
  • certified copies of the founders’ passports;
  • application for the transition to UTII or USN.

How to choose a room that meets the requirements of SES

For a medium-sized workshop, a room of 50 sq.m is suitable so that personnel can freely stay and move in it.

To make dumplings at home, you already have the equipment: a table, a sink, lighting and a spacious freezer.

In the future, when you already rent a room, it must meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. In addition, in the State Fire Supervision Authority, you need to take a conclusion on the premises for the workshop. You can obtain permission and start the workshop by providing these documents:

  • copies of articles of association, registration certificate, TIN, lease agreement or certificate of ownership
  • health certificate for the property
  • technical sheets for products
  • certificates for purchased equipment
  • personnel health records

What space requirements should not be neglected? The requirements are quite serious, but doable:

  • being in the sanzone
  • plumbing and sewerage
  • proper ventilation
  • floor and wall coverings made of washable materials
  • lighting, lamps covered with plafonds
  • utility room and bathroom
  • warehouse availability

The choice of equipment for the production of dumplings

Without equipment, it will not be possible to organize a dumpling shop. Suitable and not new household appliances:

  • Installation for sculpting dumplings – the kit should include interchangeable forms of dumplings.
  • Flour sifter – cleans and oxygenates.
  • A device for making dough is an advantage for floor-standing models of machines that can knead tough dough.
  • Meat grinder. The performance and operation of the device without downtime is important. The “reverse” function is desirable for cleaning from tendons and films.
  • Farshemes. An electric mixer is suitable for a dumpling shop. Thanks to her work, the desired density is obtained. At home, you can do by hand kneading.
  • Packaging machines – with their help, the date of packaging and the weight of the product are applied.
  • Customers are more willing to buy goods in a transparent bag with a label pasted on it.
  • Freezing cameras.
dumpling making equipment

When purchasing equipment, remember the volume of products that you can sell. A capacity of 50 – 200 kg / h will be sufficient when opening a small workshop.

Purchase of raw materials

You can make dumplings on ready-made minced meat, while the procedure will be simplified, since you only need to knead the dough. Or buy raw meat and twist it into minced meat yourself.

But when buying ready-made minced meat, you should check the supplier for the quality of the products, the taste of dumplings will depend on this, and, accordingly, the demand of buyers. The raw material for cooking is trimmed meat (pork, beef, lamb, etc.), mechanically deboned poultry meat, fat, offal, eggs, as well as flour, soybeans, potatoes, cabbage, onions.Natural is always better:

Using animal meat from local suppliers will reduce the cost of raw material delivery. There is a lower price for pressed blocks or carcasses of imported meat.

Other additional components can be purchased in bulk from the markets.
Meat for dumplings is deboned, then separated from small bones and tendons, it is not salted and does not stand. This approach provides a lower cost of dumplings than, for example, sausages.

When productivity increases, suppliers for large quantities of meat will make a discount. This will also help reduce the cost of dumplings and increase the profitability of production.


A businessman must independently determine how many people will be involved in production.

At a minimum, there should be such units in the state: a technologist, kitchen workers, a loader-driver.

If an entrepreneur has the appropriate education, then he can do accounting himself. Otherwise, it is better to take an outside person for this position. So he will protect himself from errors in the preparation of documents and reporting.

Advertising and sales of products

Initially distribute semi-finished products among relatives, neighbors and friends, this is how word of mouth will work. If you have produced the highest quality product, sold it at a reasonable price, it will work better than any advertisement.

The head of the enterprise selects channels for sales, he deals with supply contracts for supermarkets and retail pavilions. He can also delegate these responsibilities to a sales representative or share them with him.

Consider where you can still sell your goods :

  • Shops, supermarkets and retail chains.
  • Market stalls and stopping pavilions.
  • Public catering, sanatoriums and rest houses.
  • Own network of branded establishments, where, in addition to semi-finished products, various foodstuffs from different manufacturers will be sold.

If the budget allows, product advertising can be delegated to marketers. But doing it yourself is always cheaper. What you can do yourself:

  • Advertise in the media. For example, advertise in a free newspaper.
  • Make a website with photos, names and prices of all kinds of dumplings.
  • Attract promoters or put up a stand with ready-made dumplings at points of sale.
  • Send out a commercial offer of cooperation to all potential customers. For example, through email.
  • Make calls to managers of retail establishments and offer to sell your goods.

Two declarations of conformity will be required to trade in these places. Before receiving them, you need to register the technical conditions of production, which includes:

  • lease contract;
  • TIN;
  • product recipe;
  • label.

The time spent on the development and registration of a technical specification is 10 working days, and it takes several weeks to receive a declaration of conformity.

At the beginning of sales, the margin should not exceed 20-40% in order to attract and retain customers. Over time, you can increase the markup when the products become more in demand.

If you want to introduce a new kind of dumplings, play a video on a local TV channel. The effectiveness of such advertising is about 30%, and people will see the brand and notice it at the next purchase.

Other marketing chips are ineffective due to the fact that the buyer mainly chooses by the cost and appearance of the product.

Making dumplings at home

Homemade dumplings must be of the highest quality, otherwise they simply cannot withstand the onslaught of competitors. The sale of homemade dumplings will first be for a close circle of friends, and after the products receive the first positive feedback, look for new buyers.

What are the advantages of making dumplings at home:

  1. there is no need to create an IP;
  2. no need for huge investments;
  3. the room already exists;
    you can work without employees;
  4. almost everyone has a table, a meat grinder, a freezer;
  5. most women can make dumplings.
dumplings at home

Is it profitable to sculpt dumplings for sale at home? Soy and various flavorings are often added to factory-made dumplings. So the homemade dumpling shop has a chance to compete with large manufacturers. After all, the usual taste of dumplings is different from those offered in the store.

Therefore, the sale of homemade dumplings is profitable and, with a competent approach, will make a profit in a short time. It is always difficult to find dumplings that are not inferior in quality to expensive ones, but have an average price.

Since it is very difficult to enter a chain supermarket, there are very few locally produced products. High-quality products made in dumpling shops of private traders are more often sold in pavilions, where the margin on goods is high.

How much money do you need to start a business

To make a profit in the near future, before starting production, it is necessary to draw up a business plan. The costs will be small if you start cooking in small batches in your kitchen.

Consider the approximate amount of expenses in rubles for the organization of a small dumpling shop in a rented room:

  • Equipment – 700,000;
  • Rent – 50000;
  • Repair under the standards of regulatory authorities – 100,000;
  • Raw materials and packaging – 100,000;
  • Salary for the first month of work – 150,000 for 5 employees.

The total amount at the start will be 1.1 million rubles. In each region or country, these amounts are different. The cost of equipment depends on the brand and capacity. The first batch should be fundamentally of the highest standard, but have a competitive cost.

How much can you earn in dumpling production

Income in this industry depends on many factors. Let’s calculate the approximate costs in rubles:

  • salary – 150,000;
  • transport and fuel and lubricants – 80,000;
  • utility bills – 20,000;
  • unforeseen expenses – 30,000;
  • purchase of packaging – 20,000;
  • rental costs – 50,000.
  • Total for the month: 350,000 rubles.

For example, consider a device with a production of 60 kg per hour. For the shift, the output will be 420 kg of semi-finished products, that is, 12,600 kg per month. Let’s take into account the cost of one kilogram of dumplings 75 rubles. The market value of a kilogram of dumplings is 130 rubles. Profit for one working day – 23,100 rubles, and for a month – 693 thousand.

Total: profit 693 thousand minus 350 thousand monthly expenses, 343 thousand rubles remain per month .

This profitability characterizes production with well-established distribution channels. The first couple of months the profit will be less.

With the calculation that the start-up capital implies only the purchase of equipment and the hiring of personnel, the production of dumplings will pay off no later than in a year. To turn a profit in six months, produce more products per shift. And as a raw material, let’s say, take chicken meat, it has a higher markup than beef or pork.

Possible business risks

After calculating the costs, add risks to the business plan:

High competition. Make an original recipe, achieve quality, expand the range. In summer and in Lent, focus on dumplings with different fillings.

  1. To reduce the cost of the factory, soy and other additives are often added to minced meat. Use only natural ingredients, this will be your competitive advantage.
  2. When concluding contracts with stores, it should be borne in mind that the purchase prices in them are low. If possible, expand the business through the creation of a network of branded stores.
  3. Controlling bodies. In the absence of certificates for products, as well as non-compliance of production conditions with sanitary rules, fines and even a ban on continuing activities.
  4. Of these risks, competition is important, no one has been able to instantly become a popular brand. You have to work hard to advertise the products.

The business of making and selling homemade dumplings does not promise much income. Naturally, it is not forbidden to start with sculpting dumplings at home. When you attract regular customers, think about expanding and start a small shop.

So you do not need huge premises and expenses. In addition, family productions are more in demand due to the correspondence between price and quality. Supply volumes increase due to quality improvement and price reduction, and the payback turns into profit in up to six months.

A strong business plan and a high quality product are two things that make

a frozen food business successful.Read also articles on production:

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